The Community Squirrel Hunt Movie (Coming in 2024)

Filmmakers unaccustomed to hunters follow hunters unaccustomed to filmmakers. This film was 8 years in the making partly because I’m a vegetarian.

Billie (In production)

Billie is a spunky tap dancer. She’s an expert on movement who is moving through memory and ageing the best she can.

Corporate FM (2015)

What happens when DJ’s are told to shut up and play the playlist? It ends the age-old symbiotic relationship between radio and the community. Corporate FM uncovers the high finance shell game that stole control of radio from communities across America. The film also reveals how radio may become local again. In the top 100 Corporate Crime Movies listed by Corporate Crime Reporter in 2021.

Available on Tubi, Hoopla, Amazon and at

Planet Trash (Short)

Humans are extinct. Space aliens land on Earth and what do they do? They make archeology film for all the alien children back on the home planet. Winner of the Aspiring Filmmaker’s Award given by the Film Society of Kansas City. World Premiere at SXSW.